fotokinisi | July 2017

Nicola & Steward 5th of July 2017Baptism of Andriani 1st of July 2017Danielle & Martyn 7th of July 2017Donna & Mark 6th of July 2017Frances & Timothy 7th of July 2017Rita & Stephen 7th of July 2017Dominique & James 7th of July 2017Courtney & Richard 10th of July 2017Kelly & Stuart  12th of July 2017Kayleigh & Benjamin 17th of July 2017Sharon & Gavin 20th of July 2017Jade & James 20th of July 2017Emma & Jamie 22nd of July 2017Frances & Simon 24th of July 2017Mairead & Chris 25th of July 2017Charlotte & carl 26th of July 2017Nataly & Slava 22nd of July 2017Anna Christina & Fanis 15th of july 2017Baptism of Chrystalla 29th of July 20172017-07-16 Korantina Party